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Ken Orman is a native Arizonan who moved to Texas in 1997 to pursue his banking career. In 2007, he began acting and has appeared across Metroplex stages, including Dallas Contemporary Theatre, Theatre 3, WaterTower Theatre/Out of the Loop Festival, Texas Family Musicals, PFAMily Arts, Mainstage Irving/Las Colinas, Denton Community Theatre, Lewisville Community Theatre, ONSTAGE in Bedford, Studio B Performing Arts Theatre. In 2014, he appeared in an Off-Broadway production of “Lone Star” as Cletus. He has produced, directed, written and performed sketch comedy for live variety shows. On television, he can be seen in commercials, TNT’s Dallas and heard as multiple characters in the anime series “One Piece.” He has been a troupe member of Keith and Margo’s Mystery Dinner, since 2012. He won best featured and supporting actor awards for his roles in “Hairspray” and “Fiddler on the Roof” and has been nominated for best actor in several other performances. He enjoys creative writing, exercise and supporting the DFW arts scene and sports teams. He works as a business control manager in the banking industry and is the father of two amazing kids. He lives in Dallas with his girlfriend and her son.

Ken Orman[playing the role of Brock Besson]


Scott Rolfe Josephson

Linda Leonard

Leslie O'Hare

Lisa Bills

Scott Rolfe Josephson(Scriptwriter), is studying under Pilar Alessandra of On The Page as well as Hollywood career coach Lee Jessup. I'm Always on My Mind is Josephson's first one-person stage production, besides being the head writer of  Uppermost Entertainment, LLC, Scott is the Director of Development of Athena Pictures and serves on the board of the Dallas Screenwriter Association.

''Whenever I read the synopsis for I’m Always on My Mind, I could immediately see the full potential and scope of the project; therefore, I knew what my years of experience as a writer could bring to this production. In the new world of social media you’re broadcasting yourself; that feeds into the narcissistic element of culture. The subject of narcissism, is a realistic matter, however, I wrote the play in a manner that would not be offensive to anyone, therefore, the comedy eliminates has a kernel of truth behind it and that’s what makes all good comedy come to life''. ~ Scott Rolfe Josephson


Linda Leonard(Director), Linda is the director for 'I’m Always on My Mind' and 'Living with Rejection' (2016 production). Leonard's experience spans over 35 years in the areas of directing and acting in the theatre, film and television arena. She has worked on such shows as American Crime and Salem. Leonard also been fortunate to work in New York City on and off Broadway and in other major markets like LA, Chicago and Abroad, on national tours. 

''It’s so exciting to be on the forefront, helping to bring the characters in each production to life. They are complete opposites with different backgrounds. The character Brock from 'I’m Always on My Mind' is a Harvard grad who’s so stuck on himself; he’s self-oriented. On the other hand the character Logan from 'Living with Rejection' is strong, focused, smart, and a little too compassionate and ends up paying for it in the long run. I’m drawn to anything creative that serves a greater purpose in the world and these plays, definitely serve a greater purpose; one being hilariously funny and the other being dramatic, but, together they are definitely raising the bar in the theatre realm and, we are certain, both shows will go onto becoming larger productions in the television, film or online markets. I’m thrilled to be collaborating with Lisa Bills and Leslie O’Hare on these incredible one-person shows''.  ~ Linda Leonard


Leslie O'Hare, is a successful entrepreneur, master communicator, master storyteller, philanthropist, television/radio personality, television/film/stage and online production creator, producer, screenwriter, playwright, director, and fashion designer. O’Hare spent over 7 years in New York City modeling and working as an actress. She appeared in Off-Broadway plays and on camera in New York Undercover and worked on the motion picture film Malcolm X with Denzel Washington.

O’Hare is also a prolific faith and business public speaker as well as a master storyteller.  She has a gift of being able to draw her audience into her  story.  She speaks from the heart with realness and humor; from foster care agencies, corporations, churches, youth groups, women conferences to government agencies; she’s made a positive imprint in the lives of many people across the country.

O’Hare is best known for her long-running television talk shows in Dallas, Texas; two of which were The Leslie Taylor Hare Show and The Leslie O’Hare Show both were reflections of O’Hares’ entertaining personality and distinctive sense of humor. The locally syndicated programs aired  on an ABC affiliate station reaching over 4 million homes weekly. The show’s focus on family, human interest stories, entertainment and pop culture exemplifies O’Hare’s passion for those topics. The show's signature segment included the “I Got It Moment”.  The “I Got It Moment” is a moment in your life where something impactful happened and you were able to turn that moment into a life lesson and due to that moment, it changed your life forever. This was a moment in the show where O’Hare would ask her guests to reflect on their personal life lessons. Celebrities, guests, and audiences really enjoyed that segment. O’Hare thought it was a great opportunity to empower her viewers  to find their “I Got It Moment” so they too could live the life they were meant to live.

O'Hare is the President of
Leslie O’Hare Media, LLC, which is the home of  her talk shows, ‘L’ The Leslie Magazine and Embrace, Empower and Enjoy Life Foundation [E3] for children and youth.  The focus of the [E3] summer program is to help strengthen young boys and girls’ confidence level by enhancing their public speaking, communication, and social etiquette skills.

"Launching Leslie O'Hare Media several years ago in the fifth largest media market in the United States has been a true blessing! Having the opportunity to leave a positive imprint on the life of everyone that I've been able to touch via television is definitely a true joy."-O'Hare

O’Hare continues to grow her brand with her sense of style, by designing her own clothing and bedding collection called Inspiration by Leslie O'Hare.  She's very particular when choosing to partner with a fashion house that shares her creative point-of-view. It was important to O’Hare to launch a fashion line that encompasses luxury, sophistication and most importantly affordable styles for women and girls.

Expanding her media footprint, O’Hare is also the Co- Creative Director for
Uppermost Entertainment, LLC. Uppermost Entertainment [UE] is a production company where O'Hare and the President of [UE], Lisa Bills have created over twenty shows, some include; six reality shows [two of which are comedies], four humorous comedies, two talk shows, five faith-based projects, two animations, three action thrillers, two feature-length dramas, and  two drama for the television, film and online streaming media markets. Also, under the Uppermost Entertainment's umbrella, O'Hare and Bills have  recently launched a hugely successful theatrical production called I’m Always On My Mind.  I’m Always On My Mind is gearing up for Broadway and television as a weekly comedy series.

Most recently, under the Uppermost Entertainment umbrella they launched a four-month Regional tour [July 2015 thru November 2015] of I’m Always On My Mind [humorous comedy ~ one-man show].  I’m Always On Mind is currently being prepared for the Broadway audiences as well as seeking a network home to turn the show into a weekly comedy series.

O’Hare is very excited to launch their upcoming productions: Misunderstood,
Living with Rejection and many more shows. Living with Rejection (LWR) is a powerful, dramatic and compelling television movie and stage production based on O’Hare’s personal life story. (LWR) reveals how O’Hare dealt with her experiences of being rejected by an ex-boyfriend (where she was in an abusive relationship), abandoned by her father, rejected by her mother and society. Living With Rejection also delves into how O'Hare bounced back after losing everything.

''Lisa and I are excited about opening the door to providing job opportunities in all areas of the entertainment field. This entire creative journey for us has always been about making dreams come true for others. As well as creating engaging storylines that will entertain, inspire, educate and leave an impactful, memorable and positive imprint on the lives of our team and our audience members forever. We believe there’s a real thirst for it out there to bring these storylines to fruition and we know that Uppermost Entertainment is the company to get it done, and now is the time to do it''. ~ Leslie O'Hare

O'Hare's success as an entrepreneur, public speaker, television and film creator/producer as well as her other accolades are a testament to her unmatched work ethic, global appeal and the personal connection she has with her audience.


Lisa Bills, President and COO of Uppermost Entertainment, LLC.  Lisa Bills has been a Creative Director with Leslie O’Hare Media, LLC [LOM] for over 3 years. During that time she created, produced, directed and wrote numerous productions.  She designed sets and booked talent for the various shows. Bills, Leslie O’Hare Media[LOM] producing and directing credits include The Leslie Taylor Hare Show, The Leslie O’Hare Show and Spotlight with Leslie which aired on a digital station and on an ABC affiliate station in Dallas, Texas.  Additionally, under the [LOM] umbrella Lisa served as assistant editor for L The Leslie Magazine and life coach for the non-profit division; Embrace, Empower and Enjoy Life Foundation [E3].

Bills is also a real estate broker and the owner of
  Lord & Bills Real Estate, LLC. Over the last two decades, she has had various writing initiatives to include written curriculum and operational procedures and processes for her professional career in real estate and finance. Over the last decade, she’s been a part of the creative writing team and a part of the executive team for the Chamber of Commerce and has been involved in joining forces to grow several other outreach initiatives in the Dallas area.

''I founded Uppermost Entertainment because I saw where there was a vast need in the entertainment realm that my team and I wanted to fill by bringing serious subject matter to the forefront in a creative, compelling and provocative manner." ~ Lisa Bills

Creator and Producer                Lisa Bills

Creator and Producer                Leslie O'Hare

Director                                      Linda Leonard

ScriptWriter                                 Scott Rolfe Josephson



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