Humorous Comedy One-Man Stage Play Regional Tour

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I'm Always on My Mind


I'm Always On My Mind Gearing Up for Broadway and Television! Stay Tuned for More Info.

"I’m Always On My Mind," [IAOMM] an Uppermost Entertainment [UE] production, is moving onward and UPWARD!  The back by popular demand one-man stage play [humorous comedy] is currently touring throughout the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. The show is rapidly working its way towards Broadway, Las Vegas, LA and Chicago. [UE] is also seeking a network home to turn the show into a weekly comedy series on television.

“Although Brock Besson [played by Ken Orman] has the traits and personality of a narcissist he's likable, witty, caring and such a fun guy; believe it or not you really wouldn't mind having Brock as a friend!” said an audience member after seeing the show this fall in Ft. Worth, TX. 

Although the play is a one-man production;  that doesn’t stop Besson from painting a clear picture of London, the British co-worker that is just as smart, successful and as sexy as him. The brains and beauty combo instantly makes him lust after her, even if the feelings are not reciprocated.  Not only does the stage production explore the dynamics of a romantic relationship, but also friendship, parental love and self-love.

Other characters introduced in the play include Brock’s best friend, Larry. So while we don’t see Larry, Brock paints a clear picture of their lifelong friendship through antidotes about their childhood and other life adventures they have been through together. Larry and London together, through many probing and condescending comments, convince Brock that he needs to take a look at his relationship with himself; hence consider the possibility of narcissism. In order to do so, Besson has reoccurring trips to see Dr.Criscella and Besson takes you inside his Narcissists R Us Anonymous support group where you get to journey into the lives of his four group session counterparts which consist of two men and two women.

Through Ken Orman’s phenomenal acting abilities, Orman gives each character their very own unique style voice/accent when introducing them to the audience in order to eloquently and clearly bring to life each character's role and personality.

The Dallas Morning News endorsed I'm Always on My Mind as one of their top Must-See theatrical shows in the Dallas area! 


I'm Always on My Mind Pay-It-Forward Program

I’m Always On My Mind shows will donate 5% of ticket proceeds to Hunger Busters.  Hunger Busters is an organization started in 2000 by co-founder of Eatzi’s and renowned restaurateur Phil Romano. Hunger Busters’ flagship Feed the Need after school program offers a third meal of the day to underprivileged children in the Dallas Independent School District, serving up more than 1500 meals per day.

I'm Always On My Mind

I'm Always on my Mind is starting out as a one-man stage production. However, I'm Always on My Mind is an actual comedy series created for a major television network. In I'm Always on My Mind the character; Brock Besson is a 40-year-old, charismatic and handsome manga cum laude graduate from Harvard. President of his fraternity and has since become an extremely successful single businessman. Brock’s ego has been his compass his entire life. It doesn’t matter whose toes he steps on as long he gets what he wants, when he wants it. He is sparked and intrigued when he meets a girl, London, who repeatedly refers to him as a narcissistic jerk. This drives him absolutely zany. In an effort to understand what that means, he decides to seek out a Narcissistic Support Group. His best friend, Larry, tells him to contact Dr. Criscella, a nationally recognized and a formidable condescendingly empathetic Therapist. Through their meeting, Brock quickly learns that he really does have a problem and needs help.